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Our school is established with the background of “Vidya Amrutham Ashnuthe” (from Yajur Veda) its means “Development of Knowledge is the base of external happiness”. The path of our student is chart with the objective of Discipline, Decency be their Destination. Our institution was established in the year 1962 and English medium in the year 2005 with a vision to blend our old-age value based Indian education system with modern scientific look and high moral standards by using Tech-integrated methods. It aspires to produce a citizen who is abreast with the changing times and yet routed in his or her value system. Our institution is to create congenial atmosphere to inspire the child to learn with equipped class room of smart Boards, Laptop, wifi connectivity, fully equipped science, mathematics & Computer labs, A.V room and Visualizer facility.


            It is also one of our goal and dream to bridge the gap between western and Indian education learning technique. In this Vision the school has tied up with three western educational organizations and successfully implemented. Our school is also forecasting to have a tie up with foreign educational institutions for exchanging of cultural & educational values respectively.







Founder's Missive

  • Sudhakar Babu

Sudhakar Babu

Warm Greetings.

We are happy that you have chosen our school for thought of education.


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